SKY Satellite & Freesat

ISS - Sky Plus and Freesat

We can install SKY Digital, SKY Plus, SKY Plus HD, SKY 3D and Freesat into your home.

Whether it is your first time getting this installed or if you have been refused an installation by Sky because of the height the dish needs to be installed or you have preference to hide the cables, we can in 99% of cases install it for you with our discreet cable systems and working at heights qualified installers. There are a number of viewing upgrade options for you including a stacking system, which will allow another sky feed for you then to upgrade from standard Sky to view Sky Plus or Sky HD. Also multi–room allows you to watch a different programme for an extra £10 per month from SKY with an extra SKY box. This box can then be spurred off to watch the same programme in another room using an infra red magic eye,  giving you 100% control.

ISS Sky Satellite InstallersOur proven cable management system ensure’s the concealing of all the cables to ensure a neat tidy finish both internally and externally. We also use Discreet dishes and Squish (which allows you to change the colour of the dish) where a specialist satellite dish is required either due planning restrictions or wanting to achieve  your own look, to blend in with your surroundings.

Our vans are fully stocked including set top boxes, dishes, brackets, leads and approved cable, so you can be assured that the installation can be fully completed. We are electrically qualified and can complete any installation if for instance you want to move a plug socket for use with the set top box. We are also very experienced in installing motorised satellite dishes if you would like to subscribe to different foreign tv channels we also install foreign satellite like Astra, Hotbird, or Eutilsat.

Tooway Broadband

New to the market is Tooway broadband using a satellite dish where there is slow or no broadband in your area. Here at ISS we can install this broadband product for you.

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